Digital mailroom - delivering a paper-free office

Digital Mailroom service

Digital mailroom service

CDS offers your organisation the opportunity to become paperlite with all the benefits of paperless workflow processing.

By capturing incoming mail at the point of entry into your organisation, the benefits of digitising the contents of mailpacks at this early stage are significant and include:

  • Improvement in the organisation’s efficiency
  • Removes the need to physically distribute mail
  • Enhanced compliance through audit trail
  • Improved management of time-sensitive mail
  • Reduction in the cost of handling, storing, searching, and retrieving documents
  • Allows remote workers immediate access to their mail
  • No legal or regulatory communications are missed
  • Provides consistency of mail handling across all locations
Digital mailroom and scanning for Middlesex University

Case Study: Middlesex University

Middlesex University is working in partnership with CDS to deliver a digital strategy to its 1,300 staff and 23,000 students.

As part of this strategy, CDS provides a Digital Mailroom and an Archive and Records Digitisation Service to the university. We also built a bespoke, web-based data repository for the storage of records and archived material.

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How it works

In essence, mail is received, sorted, opened, the contents scanned, the images classified and output into the organisation’s workflow systems or to individual email accounts.

Through this process, the need for mail to be received onsite at your organisation’s location and physically distributed throughout or transported and distributed at your other locations is removed. 

By implementing the digital mailroom process, your organisation will remove the need for the handling of all physical mail with your mail being delivered to CDS’ Document Management Centre. 

Within an agreed timescale, usually by midday on the day of receipt, all mail is processed and output into your systems. Specific types of mail such as legal notices, customer complaints or letters addressed to named senior personnel can be fast-tracked to ensure that they are processed and images are available early in the day.

CDS BS10008 certified agency

Quality and Security Information

Our Document Management Centre has been established to handle both incoming (Digital Mailroom) and outgoing post (Hybrid Mail and transactional mailings) for our clients.

The centre is secure to the standards required for handling personal data both physically and electronically. Among CDS’ security, quality and other certifications, CDS’s Digital Mailroom scanning process is certified to BS 10008 (Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information). This is essential for the accuracy of scanning services which gives you peace of mind that your images will stand up in court, should the need arise.

CDS’ inbound digital mailroom service integrates with our outbound hybrid mail service to create a fully outsourced Post-room Management Solution.

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In our experience, the CDS team provide a professional service and have a wealth of knowledge available to ensure that the best solution is provided for each print requirement.

Graham Saxton, Chief Finance Manager

Wakefield Council

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