Hybrid Mail print and mailing system


A cost-effective, end-to-end digital print and mailing system

When it comes to printing and posting a letter from your office, the days of jammed printers, toner running out and envelopes that won’t seal properly are over. Simply create your letter, select CDS Print and Mail from the print menu and our solution does the rest.

Not only does it make you and your employees more productive but it saves you money as well. It is generally accepted that the cost of the hybrid mail solution saves around 50% over the cost of paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage, never mind the time it saves for individuals in the office.

CDS receives all your mail throughout the day and automatically prints it, inserts the sheets into envelopes and mails the packs for you at a cost, that including postage, is likely to be little more than the price of a first class stamp.

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Hybrid mail - how it works

Consolidation of all of the post from an organisation on a daily basis results in operational efficiency and significant postal cost savings.

A user creates a letter on their own device. The electronic file is then sent to CDS’ offsite digital print centre where it is printed, transforming it into a physical letter.

CDS has a dedicated postroom management operation within our Document Management Centre. The operation handles inbound digital mailroom functions and outbound hybrid mail on behalf of our clients. Fully secure, our facility employs automated processes to print and insert the documents into envelopes, sort and mail your letters.

Using our proven and intuitive software and secure communication channels, the solution manages the process from your office to our postroom management operation.

A full audit trail, automatically archived images of the documents printed and a fixed price per A4 sheet printed and inserted into either a DL or C5 envelope and mailed means that you know exactly what you spend and what was sent.

Our centre has been established to handle both incoming (Digital Mailroom) and outgoing post (Hybrid Mail and transactional mailings) for our clients. CDS’ outbound hybrid mail service integrates with our Inbound digital mailroom service to create a fully outsourced Postroom Management Solution.

Digital mailroom and scanning for Middlesex University

Case Study: Middlesex University

Middlesex University is working in partnership with CDS to deliver a digital strategy to its 1,300 staff and 23,000 students.

As part of this strategy, CDS provides a Digital Mailroom and an Archive and Records Digitisation Service to the university. We also built a bespoke, web-based data repository for the storage of records and archived material.

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Print and mail services

CDS provides clients with a modern, efficient and secure print and mail platform to manage personalised printed communications.

Whether it’s mailing bills, marketing material, appointment letters or other items, CDS’ digital print and enclosing facility provides a quality output at a realistic price.

With high-end mono and colour digital print equipment and sophisticated document composition tools, CDS can create fully tailored, personalised and individual pack contents from your variable data.

Using our automated inserting equipment, selective inserting of leaflets can add to the bespoke nature of your mailings. This can be further enhanced by personalising the leaflets, printing them online and folding them into the pack.

The service is provided from CDS’ modern Document Management Centre which is fully secure and has earned an enviable reputation for delivering high quality mail packs in realistic timescales.

Additionally, if required, CDS’s Creative team can also assist and develop the design of your mail packs for you and will be pleased to provide advice on the most cost effective postal tariff package for your mailings. 

CDS BS10008 certified agency

Quality and Security Information

Our Document Management Centre has been established to handle both incoming (Digital Mailroom) and outgoing post (Hybrid Mail and transactional mailings) for our clients.

The centre is secure to the standards required for handling personal data both physically and electronically. Among CDS’ security, quality and other certifications, CDS’s Digital Mailroom scanning process is certified to BS 10008 (Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information). This is essential for the accuracy of scanning services which gives you peace of mind that your images will stand up in court, should the need arise.

CDS’ inbound digital mailroom service integrates with our outbound hybrid mail service to create a fully outsourced Post-room Management Solution.

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In our experience, the CDS team provide a professional service and have a wealth of knowledge available to ensure that the best solution is provided for each print requirement.

Graham Saxton, Chief Finance Manager

Wakefield Council

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