Secure document scanning services

CDS offers fully compliant and secure document scanning services.

Whether you need paper files scanned and indexed in bulk or the daily scanning of inbound mail, CDS has the capability to deliver, and if required, store your indexed images for remote access.

Digitisation of Documents

Whether its invoices that need scanning weekly or monthly, archived or live files, HR, legal, customer or patient’s files, digitising these documents offers a wealth of benefits including:

  • Freeing up valuable office space or expensive off site storage facilities
  • Ease of access to digitised files
  • Improved productivity for employees
  • Better security
  • No need to search for lost documents
  • Reduced vulnerability to loss through disaster

CDS has robust, secure, compliant and proven processes to help you remove paper from your organisation. Using systems and processes designed to retain integrity throughout, CDS can pack your files onsite using a technology driven reconciliation process, securely transport them to our document processing centre and scan and index to your specification.

Using automated processes enables digitised files to be searched by keyword to access specific documents. Images and associated metadata can either be ingested into your workflow systems or stored remotely for access by your authorised employees.

Among CDS’s security, quality and other accreditations, CDS’s scanning process is BS 10008 (Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information) accredited. This is essential for the accuracy of scanning services which gives you peace of mind that your images will stand up in court, should the need arise.

Daily Scanning of Inbound Mail

Scanning inbound mail at source enables improved working practices and allows organizations to bring consistency to mail processing. This results in significant gains in productivity, customer service and compliance through audit trails. Read more about the benefits of implementing a digital mailroom.