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Channel optimisation - how we can help

Channel shift from print to digital offers significant cost savings, efficiency improvements and a far more flexible service to customers.

Our strength as an agency lies in ensuring the right content is delivered to the right contact, in the right context. Your target audience is then empowered to act on the information they have received.

In practice this means aligning existing and new content with the appropriate audience and then planning how to deliver this content where and when it is needed by that specific audience segment.

OFCOM internet usage stats

Channel shift from print to digital

The digital revolution means your customers increasingly expect to engage with you through digital channels. The majority of the UK adult population (over 84%) use the internet.

Mobile is the fastest growing channel with 92% of UK adults owning or using a mobile phone and 38% use their mobile handset to access the internet (Sources: OFCOM & Socitm).

In 2013 the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) found that of the 22% of people who do not use the internet, the majority are unlikely to change their minds as they perceive the internet as not interesting/useful. The only way to get this group to use digital services is probably to force them by providing no other way to complete an essential transaction.

Public sector organisations, including Health, Local Government, Devolved Administrations, Education and Not for Profit organisations face a challenge. Channel shift from print to digital offers significant cost savings, efficiency improvements and far more flexible and timely service delivery.

However just switching off print and transitioning communications to digital is a very crude approach and risks alienating or excluding your audience. A balanced approach based on analysis and measurement is required and this is where we can help.

We offer strategic marketing expertise to analyse and then optimise communications to help organisations transition from traditional printed communications to digital channels.

The right content to the right contact at the right time

Our approach

To plan and target content and campaigns, we need data about the audience and data to benchmark your objectives.

Initial workshops and audit

Research will be required to identify where your digital and print audiences are easiest to reach and most receptive to your communications.

The primary deliverables we provide are:

  • Recommendations on any tools or practices required to carry out the measurement and reporting.
  • A key set of metrics to measure and manage a shift to ‘Digital First, which will result in reducing overall marketing spend, decreasing the use of printed media and increasing the use of digital.
  • All the while ideally increasing market reach and marketing effectiveness, or at minimum keeping reach at the same level it is currently, but at lower spend levels.

Defining the audience

In the digital world, we believe Human to Human (H2H) marketing is far more effective than blasting out generic messages.

We focus on using audience segmentation and personalisation to improve marketing effectiveness.We look at user journeys and ways to minimise friction to enable your audience to accomplish their objectives with ease.

Ensure project objectives are being met

We set KPIs and target metrics against all of our marketing activities. It’s the bedrock of digital marketing. Printed publications can be tracked digitally using metrics from QR codes and click-throughs to subscription requests.

As audience’s shift from print to digital we would expect to see an increase in traffic on your website. A simple metric such as percentage decrease in a publication should result in a corresponding increase in traffic on your digital landing pages and/or downloads of digital publications. Once we have captured subscriber’s data we can survey the audience to check whether they indeed migrated from your printed publications or whether they are completely new and have been won over by purely digital marketing activity.

I have come to view [CDS] as a useful virtual addition to our in-house team, with expertise I can quickly call on when a new challenge emerges or when we need to top up on capacity and when we are developing digital marketing solutions.

Steve Arnold, Head of Marketing

Birmingham City Council

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