Brand Guidelines for London2012

Our strategy for determining the right blend is consistent:

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Design

Step 3: Execution

And wherever possible – we celebrate.



In this step, we...

  • agree or set the goals.
  • identify any quick wins or immediate needs and deliver those first.
  • discover the present day position of the service in relation to those goals.
  • plan and set up a before, during and ongoing analytics model to measure, guide and inform us what we should do next.
  • receive any existing market research or customer data already available.
  • recommend any research that should be done to fill in any gaps in the above.
Design Moodboard


  • Journey: We design the customer journey(s)
  • Vision: We create the visual and interaction experience that inspires the customer to act
  • TOM: We create a service target operating model defining the technology, services and processes required to deliver that journey.
  • Roadmap: We plan an agile project delivery roadmap to deliver the best speed to value ratio available
  • Channels: We define the most effective single, multiple or blend of communications channels to deliver the outcome.


Our team “own” the delivery of the service – by that we do not just take responsibility for it, but the team involved care about and believe in it.

  • We provide a single coordinating account manager and appropriate service delivery manager(s) to oversee all work and communications.
  • We manage and take responsibility for the supply chain required: whether that be print suppliers, logistics, web hosting or software support.
  • When developing digital services: whether the entire delivery team is CDS, or if we are supplying team members to a collective agile services team. Whether leading or contributing to your existing team – we execute and deliver MVPs: test, measure, learn, iterate, achieve.