CDS is an approved G-Cloud supplier, having been awarded the framework contract by the Government Procurement Service.

G-Cloud is a UK Government Programme to encourage the adoption of Cloud Services across the whole of the Public Sector. G-Cloud provides a marketplace of pay-as-you-go commodity services that can be scaled up or down, based on the changing needs of a business and its users.

CDS offers a range of public-sector specific cloud-based solutions via the Digital Marketplace, as well as cloud hosting and a full range of related support services.

Follow the links below to find out more about each of the listed services. Alternatively, email us if you have a requirement and we can advise on the easiest and most cost effective procurement route.

Cloud hosting - G-Cloud 9

Cloud software - G-Cloud 9

Cloud support - G-Cloud 9

Software as a Service - G-Cloud 8

Platform as a Service - G-Cloud 8

Infrastructure as a Service - G-Cloud 8

Specialist Cloud Services - G-Cloud 8