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Optimising end-to-end experience to encourage Capquest customers to manage their accounts online.

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The challenge

Arrow Global Group (owner of Capquest) a leading European credit management service provider aimed to fulfil their mission of offering outstanding service to their customers whilst helping them manage and repay debt.

To achieve this objective, they partnered with CDS to enhance their digital proposition and improve user experience on their communication platforms, while making it easier for customers to manage debt online. 

The solution

CDS conducted seven rounds of qualitative research across multiple platforms, and in-depth interviews with 76 people, to deliver an evidence-based insight programme. The report tackled user issues and highlighted challenges around employee knowledge and interactions with customers on digital channels.

The research uncovered several areas requiring improvement including creating a more accessible user journey from signing up to interacting with the online portal.

Capquest made various changes, including enhancing visual design and its user-centred process for filling out forms. Furthermore, CDS created a fully automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and text prototype to gain more insights.

The result

Recommendations informed by the research were built into the development roadmap, ensuring that the redesign continued to prioritise user needs. By validating that the new changes improved user experience, Arrow Global could provide the best service possible and support their customers in managing and repaying their debt.

At a glance...


  • Financial.


  • Provide outstanding service.
  • Help customers navigate managing and repaying their debt online.


  • CDS was appointed as an insight partner.
  • Seven rounds of qualitative research highlighted improvements required to meet user needs.


  • Recommendations were built into the development roadmap.
  • Research ensured that user needs would continue to be prioritised in the design process.

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