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EE improve customer experience with impartial user insights 

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The challenge

The EE Shop team were updating their product list, and needed to optimise their catalogue to accommodate new products, and improve the navigation for end-users on both desktop and mobile.

The solution

CDS conducted rapid usability testing on two prototypes,  using laboratory and remote tree testing to explore options for organising products.

CDS continually tested and improved the designs before the launch to ensure users could easily navigate the catalogue.

The project's success led to CDS working on more EE products to improve usability and customer service across multiple platforms.

Over two years, CDS collaborated with the EE team, using various methodologies, including usability, tree, remote testing, and Wizard of OZ IVR testing.

CDS delivered bespoke reports, from daily findings to in-depth reports with qualitative and quantitative analysis, including eye-tracking.

The result

Over the course of two years working together, EE underwent numerous changes to the structure of the business as well as the digital and customer service offering. Conducting research ensured a solid base of impartial user insights, so the team could move forwards with evolving user needs in mind.

Findings and recommendations consistently helped to improve the website and customer experience, from reducing call-centre enquiries by optimising the flow of Interactive voice response (IVR) automated top-ups, to drastically reducing drop-out in the contract sign-up form, resulting in an uplift of £1.6 million.

At a glance...


  • Telecomms.


  • Optimise catalogue for new products.
  • Improve navigation for users.


  • Rapid usability testing comparing two prototypes.
  • Continuous testing with users to improve the designs before launch.
  • Bespoke qual and quant reports including eye tracking were provided.


  • Research provided impartial user insights.
  • Improvements reduced call centre enquiries.
  • Uplift of £1.6m after drastically reducing drop-out rates in the contract sign-up form.
I don’t think there’s anyone that do quite what CDS do. There’s an underpinning of quality in all of the processes that really impresses me.”

Alison MacLeod
UX Research and Accessibility Manager

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