What we can do for you

Our five key services will work seamlessly together
to deliver a powerful, practical solution to meet
your needs 

At its core, our 170-strong team exists to simplify complexity. We use straight-thinking in order to ensure everything happens in a neat, quietly efficient manner – turning an initial business problem into a brilliant, timely solution.



We’re experts in developing bespoke engagement strategies and deeper understanding through data, research and a unique empathy for vulnerability, accessibility, and inclusivity. In turn, engaging on a more meaningful level will ensure your communications are fulfilling your entire audiences’ needs.


Creating content worthy of any channel, enabling the right message, or simply deciding what story you want to tell. Our job is to help you share your voice in the right place, using the right tools – be it via the written word or video. Simplifying content to reach all audiences, we make communications relevant, motivating and timely while being informative, engaging, and entertaining to boot.


Harnessing the latest digital technologies and know-how can prove central to solving the most complex business problems – and transform the way in which societies engage. Futureproofing investments while driving sustainability will help deliver the best value, and results.

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Print is an inclusive, effective and trusted communication channel, and that’s why we continually invest, optimise and innovate in new ways to deliver your content. Whether to an individual or thousands of people – the opportunities are endless, regardless of how complex or technical your requirements.

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CDS is proud of its agnostic status. Truly independent, we’re not tied to any platform or provider, leaving us to match the most innovative and appropriate technology to deliver your business vision and goals. Pragmatic and smart – we understand how to get you where you want to be.

And this is how we do it

We call it Straight Thinking.

Every conversation, every brief, gets our fullest attention.

Then, we get straight to the heart of the matter – searching for the most efficient, effective and elegant solution.


Here we get right under the skin of the problem by engaging with you and your audiences to gain empathy and develop understanding.


We make sense of the problem ... leading to the lightbulb moment which ensures our response to a brief is absolutely right


We use smart thinking to develop the big idea and the solutions that make things better for everyone


We deploy our ideas online or offline, smoothly with no sleepless nights for anyone ... to deliver exactly what is needed


Analytically proving we’ve done what we said we would and are returning the outcomes and results that make a positive difference