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Change enablers

We simplify complexity

We enable you to make informed decisions and help you deliver the best outcomes for your business and your customers.

Change doesn’t happen in just one place within your organisation, often it's happening everywhere at once and a partner that can help you navigate and simplify the complexity this can cause is essential.

Across our 4 service areas, we bring guidance and expertise, plus a high level of governance and assurance to enable change at a pace that's right. 


Cloud & Infrastructure transformation

At the heart of every large organisation is an ecosystem of technology. Disconnected back-end and front-end systems, ageing or legacy platforms and hard to maintain infrastructure can make doing business day to day difficult and costly. Everyone is negatively impacted, from employees to customers. 

Change here can be big and difficult, so working with the right partner who can both guide, manage and deliver the change is key. Luckily, we love it. The bigger and more difficult, the better.


  • Digital strategy and futureproofing
  • Secure agile delivery
  • Data architecture, management and mobilisation
  • Legacy application and systems transformation
  • Composable enterprise architecture
  • Cloud migration and development
  • System integration
  • Cloud infrastructure

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Operational Transformation

Large and complex organisations are by nature process heavy and can be slow to change. Often, it’s customer failure or regulatory exposure that can be the real drivers. Operations must observe specific quality and security standards, but key information and processes are hard to surface – and if you can’t see them, you can’t change them. 

We provide a number of solutions to help transform operations, from low-code hyperautomation that exponentially improves process efficiency, to cyber security and assurance solutions that keep public and high-volume online properties safe and compliant. 


  • Operational process mapping & automation
  • BI & data visualisation
  • Hyperautomation
  • Low code transformation
  • Business & systems analysis
  • Cloud migration and development
  • Cyber & assurance
  • Risk management

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Experience Transformation

Front end user experience and the way you make people feel in their digital engagement with you is critical to success. 

Our services reach from Behavioural Insight and inclusivity strategy, through human-centred service design, to digital experience platform strategy and out into digital, creative, content and UX design and delivery. 


  • Digital experience platform strategy & implementation/build
  • Behavioural insight, research & analysis
  • Accessibility & inclusivity strategy
  • Audience engagement/UX
  • Content strategy & content creation
  • Communications planning & delivery

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Business Process Outsourcing

It was the print medium that the Government turned to when in March 2020 they needed to reach every one of the 30 million households in the UK with a piece of critical communication.  

Print continues to play an enormous part in helping people to understand the world around them. Whether engaging with complex regulatory communications or, as on the London underground, helping travellers navigate the network through, printed covid safety signage, baby on board badges and pocket maps.

Our outsourced print services enable you to focus on core activities while we improve their cost efficiency and maximise the effectiveness of their procurement and delivery. 


  • Print management
  • Transactional/critical print
  • Marketing print
  • Inbound (scanning/digital mailroom)
  • Warehousing & fulfilment
  • Data management
  • Cyber & assurance
  • Operational transformation

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