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Summary of outcomes

  • Information about Covid vaccines, leaflets and record cards were printed, stored and distributed across Wales in time for the vaccine rollout.
  • The vaccine rollout has resulted in 4.2M vaccine doses being given by mid-July 2021.

The challenge

Public Health Wales (PHW) is the national agency which works together with 10 other organisations to form NHS Wales.

During the pandemic, the race was on to develop effective vaccines. By late 2020, clinical trials of candidate vaccines were showing success and PHW began preparations to vaccinate the 3.136 million population of Wales.

Along with the logistical challenge of vaccine distribution, the population needed information about the vaccines and a record card to record their doses. PHW turned to CDS to help print, store and distribute a range of leaflets and record cards to support their vaccination programme.

The solution​

Working weekends and utilising multiple print suppliers, CDS arranged the printing of over 900,000 resources. On 11 December 2020, the resources were ready for delivery to the storage and distribution centre by 23 December 2020. CDS began the distribution to vaccination centres and GPs from the start of 2021.

The result​

Through 2021 to mid-July, CDS has produced a further 11 million leaflets and record cards, as well as supplying the storage and distribution of the resources across Wales.

To mid-July 2021, so far 4.2M vaccine doses were given, with 1.92 million people fully vaccinated with two doses (61.2% of the population).

CDS has made a positive difference to the successful rollout of the vaccine in Wales.

Previous print projects delivered by CDS

PHW is all about saving lives and making changes to the way people look after themselves through lifestyle changes.​

We have selected a few campaigns to highlight our ongoing work with the NHS and PHW:​

  • Case note folders: 36,000 new folders were produced for all seven of the Health Boards within Wales.​
  • Bump baby and beyond: We produced 260-page brochures in Welsh and English – perfect bound with a laminated board cover.​
  • Screening mailings: This campaign involves receiving patient data, formatting it into letters, printing, fulfilling, and maximising postage discounts.​
  • Safer pregnancy campaign: Redesigned and printed promotional items to improve safe practices for mums to be.

CDS gained an enviable reputation with PHW for delivering well-executed campaigns and producing and delivering the associated printed items on time, to agreed specifications and within budget.




leaflets and record cards printed

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