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BI, analytics, and reporting

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Create one trusted source of data

Data is an integral part of any organisation; without it, siloed teams can often spend time producing their own reports, which don’t always tally and align with other teams’ data.

And if you have a hunch that there's an issue, but you can't see it. You can't fix it.

Panintelligence is a central dashboard which connects directly to other software – whether that’s your core product or third-party systems you use – to create one true source of data, where everyone in an organisation who needs access to data can easily gain it.

What is Panintelligence?

CDS has partnered with Panintelligence to enable us to provide its market-leading software. The Panintelligence software suite is comprised of three modules: the central dashboard, a report builder and scheduler, and the predictive analytics module.

Why choose Panintelligence?

  • Receive alerts when new development tickets come in, how many tickets are in the backlog, and how many tickets haven't yet been touched.
  • Use heatmapping to know where your field workers - such as consultants - are at all times.
  • Empower people to use and monetise the data they have – a key aspect of an overall digital transformation.
  • Keep everyone up to date on cross-functional projects, where lots of teams are involved.
  • Surprise and delight your users by innovating with self-service predictive analytics and machine learning.
  • Save countless hours of manual report creation and free up internal resources.

Why do Software Vendors love Panintelligence?

Three great ways Panintelligence can support your business

Pi Dashboard 

The Pi Dashboard is the central business intelligence hub of the software, containing live company-wide data which is visualised in charts and graphs to aid interpretation. Find out more about the latest Pi Dashboard here.

Pi Report

Simplify the creation of your reports and automate their distribution. Pi Report is an easy-to-use report builder which allows you to create visual and insightful reports using elements from your dashboards. 

Pi Analytics

Pi Analytics is a revolutionary machine learning engine which allows users to make predictions based on their data, with no technical know-how required.

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