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Combined emergency response

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The challenge

ResilienceDirectTM required a secure platform to enable Emergency Services, Armed Forces, and other key Resilience organisations to communicate and plan effectively before, during, and after a major incident.​

The solution​

Our Collaborate platform has a fully-customisable hierarchy based around communities that can hold unique content pages, document repositories, or even sub-communities.

Each such object can be assigned unique security groups and parameters, allowing for both practical fluidity and the strict control of information and command and control structures that Gold, Silver, and Bronze Commanders rely upon during a major incident.

The result

To date ResilienceDirectTM has been used by over 60,000 emergency services personnel to coordinate and manage more than 3,000 major incidents including the Manchester bombing, the London Bridge attack and natural disasters across England, including moorland fires and flooding.

CDS have been an integral part of ResilienceDirect™ since 2013. Supporting the UK’s Resilience Community to enable collaboration. An awesome partner, helping keep the UK Safe."

Luana Avagliano
Head of ResilienceDirect™

At a glance...


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  • ResilienceDirectTM required a secure platform to allow key resilience organisations to communicate during a major incident.


  • CDS implemented a fully-customisable Collaborate platform.
  • Unique security groups can be assigned specific content pages and documents, allowing for both fluidity and strict control of information when needed.


  • ResilienceDirectTM has been used by over 60,000 emergency service personnel to manage more than 3,000 major incidents.
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