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Process improvement

Transforming your operations

Are your operations stuck in a rut? We pinpoint inefficiencies, automate workflows, secure data, and fuel innovation to get you out of those productivity pitfalls. Our work is supported by trusted technology partners for smooth and efficient implementation of your new solution.


CDS is an Appian partner that can integrate your legacy systems or build new applications 20x faster with Appian's low-code technology.


A case management solution powered by low-code can streamline the collection and coordination of your data, which can help improve productivity and cost savings.


BI and data visualisation enable you to gain clear visibility into process performance with insightful dashboards and reports, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Improve efficiency, automate processes, and reduce costs with technology powered by artificial intelligence.


Low-code transformation empowers developers to optimise workflows without extensive coding, ensuring agility and responsiveness.


Innovation enables you to take a new view of your processes and projects to understand what needs to change to move them forward and meet internal and external user needs. 

Build powerful business apps fast with Appian

The Appian low-code platform makes it easy to automate tasks, modernise legacy systems, and create user-friendly experiences, with incredible speed to value.

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Streamline case management systems

Appian's case management solution lets you customise workflows, boost team collaboration, and automate tasks. Perfect for disconnected systems, inflexible tools, or inefficient processes.

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Make smarter decisions with data visualisation

Gain clear insights into your processes, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that drive success. Identify opportunities for improvement and make impactful changes.

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Simplify and streamline operations with intelligent automation

Intelligent automation solutions combine Ai, business process management, and robotic automation to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and deliver a great customer experience.

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Using innovation to solve complex business problems

We take a deep dive into your unique problems, analysing their impact on processes, customers, and products. This allows us to craft personalised solutions that are powerful, engaging, and deliver real results.

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Bought into the AI and Automation hype but don’t know where to start?

Getting started with AI or automation tools can be overwhelming: What’s the right technology? What do we need to have in place? CCS' new frameworks can help.

Getting started with AI and automation >

Calculating the true value of effective data governance

Discover innovative ways to derive value from your data and make data-driven decisions that drive investment and growth.

Calculating the value of data governance >

Successful digital transformation: what’s the secret?

Adrian Odds, Marketing & Innovation Director at CDS, believes a simple focus on a few core areas could make all the difference.

Successful digital transformation >

Low-Code – a revolution in digital transformation

Low-code development can help tackle the challenges caused by existing systems and newly integrated systems.

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Manage all your resources through a single workflow

Create scalable and secure customer experiences

Appian combines low-code development with intelligent process automation, which is key to improving business process management efficiency. With Appian, we can help you create powerful business applications up to 20x faster, modernise your legacy technology, and combine your data and actions into one easy-to-use application.

CDS is an Appian partner, with a highly skilled team of consultants, developers, and designers to help you build innovative solutions and undertake transformative digital projects that improve processes in the back office and the user experience on the front end.

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Case management

Increased team collaboration and innovation

Cost and time efficiences

We provide a low-code solution, powered by Appian, to help streamline your case management process. By using low-code, you can tailor your case management solution to your organisation, so it works to solve any pain points throughout your specific process. It also provides flexibility, allowing you to futureproof your product with easy scaling based on your organisation's growth.

Our case management solution can solve several business process management issues throughout all organisations: whether you have multiple systems that do not talk to each other, you already have a commercial off-the-shelf case management solution that lacks the flexibility for growth, or you need to improve efficiency so your staff can focus on growing your business.


Data visualisation

Make informed business decisions

Build on data value

Having a clear insight into your process performance can enable informed, data-driven decision-making that contributes to the success of your organisation.

Our BI tools and data visualisation provide you with insightful dashboards and reports that give you access to the data you need to start planning and benchmarking business changes. Our approach focuses on small, incremental, but impactful changes powered by data to understand how your data is working for you and build on its value.

Intelligent automation

Connected data sets

Composable end-to-end design

Our intelligent automation solutions can reduce the time it takes to complete a task, automate processes to mitigate human error, and reduce cost. Powered by the combined technologies of artificial intelligence, business process management, and robotic process automation, intelligent automation is perfect for increasing efficiency as well as providing a great customer experience.

We approach intelligent automation solutions by putting your internal and external stakeholders at the centre of your change — creating a 'total experience' in which all technologies provide a user-friendly experience for your staff as well as the users of your products and services.

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Your team can be easily trained up with this platform

Improve user experience

By using a visual drag-and-drop approach to building applications, low-code encourages rapid development: teams can be quickly trained and deployed without needing full back-end developer experience, which gives your organisation the fluidity to react to the changing market.

We can implement a low-code solution with Appian, from helping you build new applications up to 20x faster, replacing legacy systems, or simply combining them into one stream of data—saving you time and energy trying to connect the dots to make important business decisions.


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Solve complex business problems

Build personalised solutions

We believe that when it comes to solving complex business problems, you either need to 'find a way or make a way'. This is where innovation comes in. We aim to unwind the complicated issues your organisation may face—how they affect your processes, how they affect the customer, and how they affect the product—to be able to build a solution that delivers a powerful, engaging, and functional outcome.

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Our Clients

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Case Studies

A digital platform for Social Work England using Appian low-code and Umbraco CMS

The solution contains the millions of documents used by over 96,000 social workers in England on a single, easily accessible platform.

Social Work England case study >

Digital experience replatforming for Insight Investment

Implementing Optimizely's Digital Experience Cloud, providing a secure platform and CMS capabilities.

Insight Investment case study >

Designing a combined emergency response platform for the Cabinet Office

ResilienceDirect™ has been used by over 60,000 emergency services personnel to coordinate and manage more than 3,000 major incidents across England.

ResilienceDirect™ case study >

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