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Microsoft Azure Partner

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CDS are trusted Microsoft Partners

As Microsoft Partners, we are experienced in implementing Microsoft technologies and developing microservices and API-based architecture. Our team of experts will support you every step of the way, whether you are new to cloud computing or have experience.

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Azure cloud services

Cloud hosting

Our expertise includes designing and managing scalable cloud hosting services on various platforms, such as Microsoft Azure for Social Work England and Single Online Home for police services.

We offer a range of cloud hosting solutions, including Azure and hybrid, and are here to help you quickly and easily choose the best option to fit your requirements. Our services are perfect for large organisations in the private and public sectors who want to benefit from cloud computing. We have a long history of providing hosting and ancillary services to customers, including National Rail, the Bank of England, and the Metropolitan Police.

At CDS, you only pay for the resources you use, so you can scale your website or application to meet your growing needs. We take care of all the hosting, maintenance, security, and upgrades, freeing you to focus on your core business. Our ITIL Service Desk is staffed by experienced experts available to support you.

Cloud consultancy

We also provide cloud consultancy to help you transition to the cloud. Our Azure and Cloudflare certified architects’ team will assist you with cloud-readiness assessments, technology recommendations, infrastructure design, cyber security and migration strategies.  

Azure Devops and Azure app services

At CDS, we use Microsoft Azure DevOps to automate testing and deployment processes, ensuring efficient and streamlined development. Our services are ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant, and we provide a dedicated deployment manager to oversee all processes. 

We use Azure DevOps to manage the application development lifecycle and integrate it with our agile project approach. Our experience includes integrating an open-source CMS with a cloud-based case management system for Social Work England and migrating the Single Online Home and the Office for Government Property's Electronic Property Information Mapping System to Azure.

By using Azure, you can build and deploy apps quickly and efficiently while meeting all your security and compliance requirements. Our goal is to help you reduce costs, improve services, and find new ways of working to be more productive.  

An overview of CDS' Microsoft Azure services

Platform as a Service (PaaS) 

Let’s explore some of the key PaaS Microsoft services available from CDS on Azure.

Azure App Service 

A fully managed platform for building, deploying and scaling web and mobile apps. It offers cloud scalability, reliability and security without managing infrastructure and easy integration with other Azure services.

Azure Functions

A serverless compute service for event-triggered code. It is ideal for building microservices and event-driven apps.

Azure Container Instances 

A fast and simple way to run containers in the cloud, offering cloud scalability, reliability and security.

Azure Kubernetes Service

A managed Kubernetes service for deploying, managing and operating containerised applications. You get the power of Kubernetes without managing infrastructure. Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating containerised applications' deployment, scaling, and management. It provides a platform-agnostic way of managing containers. It is designed to handle applications' rapid scaling and deployment in a cloud-native environment.

Azure Service Fabric  

A highly scalable and reliable platform for building and managing cloud-scale microservices. It offers high availability, scalability, and resilience for cloud-scale applications. 

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

CDS provides Azure-based IaaS services to help organisations manage and maintain their infrastructure in the cloud. Our services include:

  • Azure Virtual Machines for running virtualised workloads
  • Azure Virtual Network for isolated networks
  • Azure Storage for data storage
  • Azure Backup for data protection
  • Azure Disk Storage for managed disk storage
  • Azure ExpressRoute for private network connection
  • Azure Load Balancer for network traffic distribution

With IaaS, CDS frees up time and resources for other business initiatives, allowing you to focus on core activities. Choose us for flexible, secure, and scalable solutions in the cloud.

Let's take a look at the services in more detail.

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) provide a cloud-based solution for running virtualised workloads on Windows and Linux platforms. You can easily create and manage virtual machines in the cloud, taking advantage of Azure's scalability, reliability, and security. Azure VMs are flexible and convenient for migrating existing workloads and building new applications.

Azure Virtual Network

Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is a virtual networking service that enables the creation of isolated, secure networks in the cloud. Connect virtual machines, applications and resources. It's a flexible and powerful solution for virtual networking.

Azure Storage

Azure Storage is a highly scalable and durable cloud storage service for unstructured and structured data. Whether you're storing files, images, or other data, Azure Storage provides a flexible and convenient solution for storing and accessing data in the cloud.

Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a cloud backup solution for protecting data and applications with scalability, reliability, and security. With Azure Backup, data from virtual machines or physical servers can be easily backed up and protected in the cloud.

Azure Disk Storage

Azure Disk Storage is a managed storage service for virtual machine data, providing a flexible, secure, scalable, and convenient cloud solution for storing and accessing disk-based data.

Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute offers a private, secure and fast connection between on-premises and Azure, allowing for the benefits of scalability, reliability, and security in the cloud. It provides a flexible solution for connecting on-premises to Azure, migration, or new app building.

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Load Balancer is a cloud service for distributing network traffic across virtual machines for high availability and performance. It provides a flexible solution for balancing network traffic in the cloud, whether you're building a new app or migrating. 

Don't let your IT infrastructure hold you back. CDS with Azure can help you solve any virtualised workload, network, data, protection, or network traffic challenges. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you focus on what matters most - your business. 

Microsoft Azure cloud features and benefits


  • UK public sector specialist 
  • Infrastructure-as-Code, secure self-service portal and API 
  • Design, configuration and implementation of Azure 
  • Consultancy on the size/type of Azure package 
  • Migration support to Azure 
  • Architecting, hosting management and implementation of Azure 
  • Disaster recovery using Azure tools 
  • Up to 24x7x365 service desk with CDS support agreement 
  • SC and NPPV cleared personnel 
  • Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles 
  • VDI provision & desktop as a service 


  • Cost-effective, managed Azure hosting 
  • Virtually limitless scalability to provide resources when you need them 
  • Configure the solution that is right for your application 
  • Assurance of expert support 
  • Carbon-neutral hosting 
  • Deliver compelling digital services with cloud-native applications 
  • Have confidence in the security of your data 
  • Solutions on a cloud that aligns with National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) best practice 
  • A flexible, consumption-based cloud model with low infrastructure support costs 
  • Transform your services in the Azure cloud  

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Azure Cloud Hosting services! 

Microsoft Azure case study

Single Online Home

Learn how CDS created a migration and modernisation plan using modern infrastructure architecture techniques following best practice design and software principles for migrating a nationally important cloud platform for the Home Office.

Read the full case study here. 

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