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How do you provide better healthcare without beds or staff?

Could fresh approach to preventative healthcare be solution? 

Professor Rhys Thomas, CEO of Virtual Ward Technologies and Fritz Haimberger from Appian talk to Adrian Odds, Marketing Innovation Director at CDS, about how low-code technology is being used to deliver remarkable transformation in healthcare.

Watch the videos

1. What is low code?

Introduction to Appian low code and a use case in preventative healthcare.
2 minute watch.

2. When to use low code

Fritz shows how low code can bridge silos and processes within the business.
3 minute watch.

3. What are the limitations?

Fritz talks about where to focus to see value quickly.
3 minute watch.

4. Is low code expensive?

Fritz explains typical client journeys, speed to value and Appian licencing.
4 minute watch.

5. Why choose low code?

Professor Thomas explains the approach to using tech for preventative healthcare.
5 minute watch.

6. How does it work?

Professor Thomas brings the use case to life.
3 minute watch.

7. What sources and data?

Professor Thomas explains how access to multiple data streams improves efficiency and patient care.
4 minute watch.

8. How scalable is low code?

Professor Thomas explains how easy and low-cost it is to scale up the application.
2 minute watch. 

9. How do you get started?

Fritz shares what you need to get started and quickly see the value.
5 minute watch.

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