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Cloud & cybersecurity

Simplifying complexity in everything we do is in our agency's DNA, which means our multi-award-winning digital team consistently deliver complex digital transformation projects on budget, on time and with a smile. We build no-fail solutions vital to the UK's health, wealth and safety. Could CDS be your perfect digital partner? Read on to learn more about our services, approach and proven capability.

CDS is an experienced digital transformation company

We're the award-winning agency trusted by the Bank of England to deliver the PRA rulebook for all UK financial organisations, trusted by the Home Office to create a single online home for all UK police services, and by Social Work England to build the first end-to-end digital platform for regulatory bodiesWe provided behavioural analysis and insight to drive EE's evolving digital and customer service offering and built the digital experience platform for Insight Investments digital transformation.

When things go wrong and a major incident is declared, the Emergency Services, Armed Forces, and other key resilience organisations use the secure platform we built for ResilienceDirectTM, part of the Cabinet Office. And we helped Yorkshire Water improve the way their five million customers pay their bills, report faults, ask questions and access the support available for vulnerable or less affluent customers.

Build a robust cloud and network security posture

From ZeroTrust network strategy to cloud migration, supported by our trusted technology partners we help transform your infrastructure so that you can focus on your core business operations.

Secure, fast, and reliable networks with Cloudflare

As a Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner we can provide consulting, implementation, and managed services to protect and improve the performance of your website and applications.

Cloudflare solutions >

Cloud Computing provides risk-mitigated protection

Cloud migration, replatforming, and optimisation to ensure cost-effective and risk-mitigated protection delivered with speed-to-value.

Cloud computing solutions >

Work from anywhere with Zero Trust

With a Cloudflare Zero Trust solution your sensitive data is protected by multiple qualification points allowing your workforce to work securely from anywhere.

Zero Trust solutions >

Microsoft Azure — a future-proofed cloud strategy

As a Microsoft partner, we can take care of the hosting and maintenance, as well as provide cloud consulting to help you seamlessly migrate, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Microsoft Azure solutions >

A secure, fast, and reliable global network that makes your websites, APIs, corporate networks, and workforces safer no matter where they are.


Increased security, flexibility, and composability by choosing the right cloud set-up for your organisation.


A Zero Trust strategy provides robust defence by shuttering off different areas based on access permissions.


Build an adaptable, secure, and resilient cloud service that meets the needs of your organisation.


Modernise your legacy technology by migrating to a more secure and flexible cloud network.


Take advantage of the cloud capabilities that suit your organisational needs.


Fast app delivery and network infrastrucutre

Stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape


As an Authorised Service Delivery Partner to Cloudflare, we can provide consulting, implementation, and managed services to protect and improve the performance of your websites and applications.

Cloudflare is one of the largest secure content distribution networks (CDNs) on the internet, making websites, APIs, remote workforces, and corporate networks safer and faster from anywhere in the world.

Our team has experience in deploying Cloudflare across a broad range of high-profile public and private sector clients, improving performance, security, and reliability. We can help with cloud strategy and design, migration, implementation, modernisation, managed security and insights, managed performance and reliability, and implementing Cloudflare's Zero Trust services.

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Cloud Computing

Can be adjusted to your business needs

Secure data protection

Cloud computing not only provides robust security, but it also allows you to meet business demands faster than traditional, legacy technology. The flexibility and scalability possibilities of cloud technology are essentially infinite, meaning you can scale up or down according to your organisation's needs.

We can help provide you with cloud migration, replatforming, and optimisation to ensure your transformation is cost-effective, risk-mitigated, and delivered with speed-to-value. We can provide knowledge to help you understand which type of cloud computing is right for you, from public and private to multi-cloud solutions powered by our technology partners.

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Zero Trust

Easily integrate third-party tools into your security infrastructure

Advanced threat detection and response capabilities

Zero trust

Microsoft Azure

Azure Devops helps you quickly build and deploy apps

Meet all security and compliance regulations

Azure is a hybrid cloud platform, allowing you to operate across multiple clouds, providing you the option to integrate seamlessly and build the solution that suits your organisation.

As a Microsoft partner, our team has experience implementing Microsoft technologies and developing microservices and API-based architecture. We can take care of all the hosting, maintenance, security, and upgrades, freeing you to focus on your core business. We can help manage costs by building a solution that fits your specific user needs, so you only pay for the resources used. Our team also offers cloud consulting to help you seamlessly integrate with cloud readiness assessments, cyber security, and migration strategies.


Cloud migration and replatforming

Faster and more flexible technology

Expert knowledge to support your migration

Moving your legacy solutions to the cloud provides you with faster, more flexible and more secure technology to help improve performance, your processes, and reduce costs.

We provide support, knowledge, and the skills to help you migrate your current applications - mitigating risk to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Working with our technology partners, your solutions will be hosted on a more secure cloud network, that can better meet regulations, and keep your sensitive data completely secure.

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Cost-effective solution

Enhance performance of your cloud network

Cloud optimisation

Your application and workflow are unique, and we want to treat them as such. Providing you with the right components of a cloud solution to meet your organisation's needs will optimise efficiency and security. With our support, we can help enhance the performance, resilience, and cost-effectiveness of your cloud network.

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Unlocking the power of AI in analytics

Gartner has issued a cautionary note, highlighting the growing divide between the allure of AI-laden solutions and the crucial aspect of data quality.

Unlocking the power of AI >

Cyber security is a mindset, not just a set of tools and technologies

CDS' Head of Cloud & Security Services, Miguel, shares his experience of working in Cyber and Cloud for some of the UK’s most important digital properties.

Working in Cyber and Cloud >

Top 10 productivity improvements unlocked by Zero Trust

10 of the numerous benefits you can achieve through Zero Trust. 96% of security leaders say developing a Zero Trust strategy is a top goal.

Zero Trust productivity improvements >

The risks of technical debt and how to manage them

Technical debt increases risk and prevents you from making sustainable technology decisions. So, how can technical debt be managed? Read on to learn more.

Managing technical debt risks >

Unlocking Government efficiency: Automation and data transformation

Overcoming the digital transformation challenges highlighted in the National Audit Office report and address the barriers to efficiency.

Unlocking Government efficiency >

CDS becomes first EMEA Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner

CDS becomes a Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner. The team states these partners “meet high standards of professional services delivery”.

Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner >

Our clients

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A partner you can rely on

Industry award wins and nominations since 2017
Net promoter score (NPS) vs. the industry average of 57

Our digital solutions

Agile and responsive

We combine the dynamism of a digital agency with the rigour and standards usually associated with a global IT company. We have the resources and experience to take responsibility for major digital infrastructure projects in the UK but, we're small enough to be agile and adapt our services according to our individual customer's needs. You can trust CDS to deliver your business-critical digital solutions whilst receiving personalised service and a great customer experience. We pride ourselves on making it easy for clients to work with us.

World-leading tech partners

We understand that no two businesses are the same. During the discovery phase we will identify the best technology to help you overcome your challenges. To ensure we're always ahead of the curve, we have partnered with Gartner and have access to their global bank of consultants, researchers and reports. We have identified and partnered with many of the world's best software and technology vendors, building a partner ecosystem second to none.

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CDS is an Authorised Service Delivery Partner
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A user-centred approach underpinned by behavioural insights

We embed inclusivity and user-centred design principles at every stage of our design and delivery process, ensuring that users are at the heart of everything we do.

This approach takes place across the four stages: Learn, Define, Implement, and Optimise of our process, which helps us find the most efficient, effective and elegant solution.

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Accessible and inclusive digital strategy

We help our clients ensure services, products, and communications are inclusive, accessible, and available to all users irrespective of age, literacy, digital knowledge, language, physical capability, or vulnerability. In doing so, we strive to make a positive difference in people's lives. In short, we remove the barriers to a meaningful relationship with your customers and workforce.

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Continuous innovation for digital growth

This is one of our priorities, and that's why aligned to our purpose, we invest in people and ideas which make a positive difference. We hire the brightest talent, and we fund continuous innovation to support the ideas that will help both CDS and our clients make the world a better place.

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Ongoing support for your platform

We support many of the nation's health, wealth, security, and travel systems, including the Single Online Home for UK policing, National Rail Enquiries as well as Resilience Direct for the Cabinet Office. CDS has operated a Service Management System based on the ITIL framework since 2009 and has been ISO 20000 certified since 2012. We have designed, implemented and operated numerous ITIL-based (compliant) services, and our Service Delivery team are all ITIL certified.


Our process


What needs to change? Here we listen to understand the context of your change. We’ll work to understand where you are, what your stakeholders need, and then work out what might need to change to deliver the outcomes you want, whether they be improved user experiences, a transformed back office, or a smoother, more efficient operation.


How should it change? Whether your challenge is around users and how they engage, or around how the operation works to support them and internal stakeholders,  based on our findings, together, we’ll design a new human-centred service to meet your stated objectives. This is Design with a big D. It includes user experience and service design, prototyping, content, and creative strategy. All with a test-and-learn methodology that constantly evolves and improves the outcomes over time.


Whether the change is huge or tiny in scale, or whether we deploy our Design online or offline, we will deliver precisely what is needed – smoothly and with no sleepless nights for anyone. You’ll be right at the heart of decision-making, in lockstep with us so that you and your team are both empowered and aligned.
And while we have an established partner ecosystem to call on, we’re free to recommend the right approach and solution for you. We’re laser-focused on outcomes and making a positive difference.


Not every change has a ‘Big Bang’ moment; change can often be incremental, so visualisation and optimisation are vital tools to ensure that we’re constantly returning the outcomes and results that make a positive difference to you, your end users, and your teams.

Changes to user and customer behaviour, new operating models or technology innovations lead to new learning opportunities.

Learn Design Implement Optimise

Frequently asked questions

Click to see our full range of ISO certifications and accreditations.

We are on the major Government frameworks to facilitate easy procurement of our services. Find out more here.

We work across multiple sectors ranging from financial services to travel, health and the public sector, as well as with global brands. 

Our credentials

Celebrated, tested and trusted


Obviously, we can’t help but be proud when the positive differences we’ve made get a big thumbs-up from our peers. Find out more about our awards.

ISO Certifications

These aren’t just tick-box exercises for us. They shape how we work and act at all times.

See our certifications.

Procurement Routes

Work with CDS with confidence using any one of a number of procurement frameworks for the public sector, utilities, education, NHS and the third sector. Discuss the best procurement route for your requirement.

Case studies

A Single Online Home to provide nationally consistent services

Improving efficiency and delivering a secure experience to the public while freeing up police resources.

Single Online Home case study >

Migrating Single Online Home to a cloud platform

Complete digital infrastructure redesign and migration from a secure data centre to the cloud.

SOH cloud migration case study >

A new customer-centric digital platform for Yorkshire Water

20% reduction in billing contacts.

Yorkshire Water case study >

Designing a combined emergency response platform for the Cabinet Office

ResilienceDirect™ has been used by over 60,000 emergency services personnel to coordinate and manage more than 3,000 major incidents across England.

ResilienceDirect™ case study >

Replatforming the National Rail Enquiries Journey Planner to handle high demand

Implementing a scalable cloud solution to handle daily peaks of up to 10 million users.

National Rail Enquiries case study >

A digital platform for Social Work England using Appian low-code and Umbraco CMS

A description of the resource being shared. Just a couple of sentences should be just right.

Social Work England case study >

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