Delivering a digital workplace for the Met Police

CDS delivered a collaborative Digital Workplace for the 43,000 members of London’s’ Metropolitan Police Force. 

The MET Police intranet was built by CDS

The Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) is one of the world’s leading police services, covering an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2 million.

Digital transformation is essential to the Met for it to deliver a modern and efficient policing service.

Their Intranet is the ‘homepage’ platform that connects a necessarily mobile and disparate workforce.

In October 2017, the Metropolitan Police Intranet project won 'Highly Commended' in the Best use of digital to an internal audience category at the Digital Impact Awards.

Aims of the project

CDS delivered the MET Police intranetThe scale of the impact of this project was substantive and in senior circles, it was challenged to be the ‘portal to everything digital’ that a met officer or support team member should, could and would need to operate in the digital workplace. Aims included:

  • Mobility: Whereas current Intranet services were bound to desktop computers within Met only physical premises, the new Intranet needed to enable flexible access from anywhere, by any approved device, Desktop, mobile, tablet.
  • Connections: The Met is a vast force with one person only ever able to know personally the skills, location, rank, of a tiny percentage of the organisation. At short notice, the ability to form a team or find an officer with a specific skillset to join a command group to resolve an emergency, or a long term programme, was a key objective.
  • Collaboration: The previous Intranet was a ‘central command and control’ ‘Push’ medium whereby the centre could publish core information for others to read. The new Intranet needed to enable ALL users to work together.
  • Criticality: We had to deliver what many would expect from a modern digital workplace: accessibility, mobile access, an engaging and high performance interface, documentation, and other assets on the move BUT with military grade security, access management, legal evidential weight tracking and accuracy plus operating at a 24/7 99.99% resilience level ready for a 999 emergency through to daily mundane administration.

Project delivery

Following an initial Waterfall project phase, we transitioned to a Sprint Cycle (Agile) methodology.

We have brought into the project the Gartner Magic Quadrant ‘Leader’ Episerver Digital Experience Management software to underpin the services.

All services were designed by the Met working with its suppliers to follow a user centric approach with an officer user group relevant to each feature involved from requirement capture, to application design, test, trial and rollout.

Military grade security process, tools, development, benchmarks and penetration tests were carried out throughout and on an ongoing basis.

The infrastructure for hosting and deploying the service was designed to operate on a secure basis, with services, data and personnel restrictions in place at the necessary stages.

The solution

After an initial 2 years, CDS are now working on a further 3-year service and development programme, with options to extend up to a further 5 years.

The programme is designed to provide continual enhancements and modifications to the solution as the client’s needs change. The programme also enables new, key operational, functionality to be developed and released.

CDS have recently undertaken the successful development of a Use of Force application which is a Home Office mandated information gathering requirement.

In April 2017, the average monthly intranet page views was 6.5m.

We are 2019 Episerver Partner of the Year for the UK and Ireland.

Summary of key project facts

  • The Intranet is a vital communications tool for 43,000 users.
  • It contains over 46,000 pages and receives 1.8 million requests for information per day.
  • A true digital workplace has been created enabling real time and staggered time collaboration between officers within Emergency situations, through to social engagement and day to day administration.
  • The service is developed on top of the Gartner Leader Quadrant ‘EPiServer’ software.
  • The Intranet will enable the development of exciting new and innovative solutions including tools to enhance internal employee engagement both operationally and socially. For example, a ‘skills directory’ enables officers to find colleagues previously unknown to them by searching for a skill (such as language spoken or licences held) and connect directly with them for operational support.

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