Aberdeen Asset Management editorial project

We have worked closely with Aberdeen Asset Management to deliver a wide range of digital solutions.

Aberdeen Asset Management

When Aberdeen’s Thinking Aloud website content team was under pressure and required editorial support, they asked CDS for help.

What we did

CDS delivered editorial support on the Thinking Aloud website and ad-hoc editorial requests on other websites. This covered English and foreign language websites.

The Aberdeen Asset Management Content Team working together with CDS could update sites quickly to meet urgent deadlines.

A same day Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Aberdeen was agreed, to ensure content was done quickly and remained relevant. Examples of time critical content included coverage on:

  • the budget
  • other legislative changes
  • market trends 
  • financial announcements.

How we did it

The updated content went through Aberdeen Asset Management’s publication approval process before being sent to us. 

Any request for content editing was sent to us by 2pm each working day from the Aberdeen Asset Management’s Content Team.

We followed strict guidelines in adding content remotely through Aberdeen Asset Management’s content management system.

All work was done securely and remotely from the CDS Leeds office.

The number of articles varied from month to month but in total 475 were completed. The most we did was 55 articles per month and the project lasted from March 2016 to June 2017.

What is Thinking Aloud?

Aberdeen Asset Management launched their consumer investor focused content hub Thinking Aloud in 2015.

The project has successfully reached hundreds of thousands of new consumers, attracting more than one thousand percent more viewers than previous approaches to social and content engagement.

Thinking Aloud is a mobile first, social platform for thought leadership exchange with regularly refreshed, magazine-style content to engage, educate, and entertain. It was branded Thinking Aloud to differentiate the materials, content and strategy from Aberdeen’s primary corporate identity.

About Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management is a global investment management group (listed on the London Stock Exchange), managing assets in excess of £320 billion globally, for both institutional and retail clients.

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