CDS delivers OneFinance web platform

CDS delivers OneFinance web platform for Civil Service Finance Professionals

CDS developed the OneFinance web platform

CDS has successfully delivered a new website for the Civil Service Finance sector enabling Finance professionals across government to work more closely together across departments, sharing best practice and knowledge. 

Built and developed by CDS Digital and HM Treasury, the website is an easy to use tool enabling better collaboration of financial information bringing departmental finance communities into one centrally managed secure space. 

Office workersLaunched in May 2017, the website supports the government aim of providing high quality learning, development and collaboration for Finance Professionals supporting them to provide excellent financial services to the public and ensuring public money is spent efficiently and effectively.

For the first time, Finance professionals in 46 departments covering a range of roles from strategic business partners to technical accountants will be able to collaborate in a secure space.  

This website builds on the success of other centrally managed web based platforms including:

In less than four weeks OneFinance had over 1,000 registered users. The drive now is to secure around 10,000 registered users across the civil service financial community, continue to up skill and share vital learning and development financial tools for the Government’s finance community.

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