Targeted communications across multiple channels

CDS has worked closely with membership and regulatory organisations to deliver their strategic objectives for efficient, targeted content to their members, staff and key stakeholders


This covers a wide range of marketing communications, often across multiple channels.

We can help our clients achieve their tactical or strategic goals by providing:

  • Managed print services
  • Design and content services
  • Digital services

Professional Membership Services – Case Study #1

A Tier 1 membership organisation in the UK with over 130,000 professional members worldwide uses a wide variety of managed print services to inform and support their members. Projects and requirements include:

  • Membership renewals and marketing print for events and conferences – including complex personalisation of direct mail
  • Fulfilment and mailing, including access to postal discounts
  • Publishing professional titles, student textbooks and reports
  • Training materials
  • General marketing print, business forms and stationery

CDS provided the organisation with a dedicated Account Manager as a single point of contact, working closely with stakeholders and the supply chain to deliver more effective and economical marketing distribution.

In addition to saving time and money across this purchasing category, the client also required a strategic partner who would be innovative and agile, keeping them in tune with the latest techniques and technologies, with an increasing focus on migration to digital channels.

Solution benefits

  • CDS provided a single point of contact to co-ordinate all content and marketing distribution activities
  • Detailed analysis and efficient market testing evidenced by print project savings of 22% – 38%
  • Evidenced savings of up to 44% p.a. for training materials through streamlined production and delivery
  • Cutting administration and proofing costs achieved with CDS’ Web2Print technology
  • Improved brand compliance and control

This case study demonstrates how CDS can assist organisations at a tactical level – helping them communicate more effectively and efficiently, predominantly through printed communications.

The two case studies below demonstrate how we have also developed digital solutions to maximise digital channels.

General Medical Council (GMC) – Case Study #2

DoctorThe GMC is the national body responsible for registering doctors to practise medicine in the UK. It protects, promotes and maintains public health and safety by overseeing standards in medicine.

The GMC wanted to make its guidance for doctors as easy as possible to access – which meant ensuring they could reach it while on the move, at home or even in patients’ homes.

A survey of GMC website users highlighted the need to access the GMC’s content on mobile devices, with two key reference sources in particular, used every day on the main GMC site. These were:

  • Detailed ethical guidance – an A-Z of guidelines that doctors and the public alike can use to drill down to find information about standards, safety and respect for patients.
  • Good Medical Practice In Action – a continuing professional development (CPD) feature, set in a fictitious surgery. A number of interactive scenarios give doctors the chance to test their knowledge of ethical guidance in everyday doctor-patient interactions.

CDS’ delivered a cross-device solution that provides optimised web content to any mobile device, direct from the GMC’s Content Management System.

British Veterinary Association (BVA) – Case Study 3

BVABVA is the national body representing Britain’s 13,000 vets, promoting and supporting all its members’ interests. BVA needed to respond to a rising demand for online video content while meeting the needs of all its users.

CDS delivered Vet’s TV, an end-to-end solution built on BVA’s existing website, which enables editors to price, manage and publish content using the BVA’s existing content management system. This innovation attracts increased website traffic, delivers added benefits to members and brings in extra revenue to the BVA through paid-for content.

The system incorporates a pay-per-view capability that integrates with BVA’s online payment gateway. The user’s log-in credentials serves content and pay-per-view prices appropriate to the individual visitor. The ‘My Videos’ feature also allows members to re-run paid for content.

Ahsan Khan, Web Manager at British Veterinary Association said: “CDS was very hands-on and contributed ideas as well as providing the technical solution…

The end result is a strong video platform which delivers quality online video CPD to our members and gives us options to build on.”

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CDS gave us excellent advice on how we could offer our website users access to important information via their mobile devices, wherever they may be – at work or out and about. We were delighted with the design which gave our mobile site a modern app-style interface which is easy to use and navigate across a full range of mobile devices.

Peter Markham, Web Manager

General Medical Council



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