Public Health Wales Screening

When Public Health Wales Screening Division wanted vital appointment, reminder and results letters producing, they asked CDS for help.


The Requirements

Public Health Wales Screening Division (Screening for Life) is made-up of seven separate screening services. Each service provides specific tests to the Welsh public at fixed times in their life to test for a specific condition and provide early intervention in the eventuality of positive results.

The initial contact with patients is via a letter advising them that they can have the test. The letter also states the benefits of being screened. 

The individual screening divisions historically only outsourced the printing and mailing of appointment letters for two of the services. The other departments handled this essential part of the process from individual in-house resources. 

As the previous contract came to an end Public Health Wales reviewed the entire process across all seven services. Public Health Wales wanted to reduce costs and improve the service by outsourcing all initial appointment, reminder and results letters as well as the complex home delivery of personalised bowel testing kits. 

The Solutions

DoctorsPublic Health Wales and CDS’ analysis showed that outsourcing the entire communications delivery process was the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Contracted through The Welsh National Procurement Service All Wales Printing Services Framework (Lot 9), CDS now provides print management and mailing services for all seven screening services.

Effective communications with patients who need screening is critical to the services. A key objective is ensuring that patient’s appointments are booked on a timely basis and ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNAs) are minimized.

Given the pressure on resources it is essential to maximize the uptake of the individual programs and therefore the efficacy of the Welsh NHS. CDS has a vital role to play.

The Results

Screening cardThe service covers several departments including, breast, bowel and cervical cancer screening, diabetic eye and abdominal aortic aneurism testing services.

CDS are contracted to handle:

  • appointment letters
  • reminder letters
  • results letters
  • the mailing out of complex bowel testing kits managed through an individual barcode-based tracking process.

The total volume of mailed items is more than one million per annum. The process involves the:

  • receipt and verification of data from NHS systems
  • use of hybrid mail systems
  • formatting of many letter types and texts
  • inserting of pre-selected inserts.

The entire printing and mailing process is managed by CDS.

The service is controlled through Service Level Agreement’s (SLA) and was awarded to CDS based on the demonstration of significant cost savings and process efficiencies.

About Public Health Wales

Public Health Wales is the national public health agency in Wales. Public Health Wales protects and improves health and wellbeing and reduces health inequalities for people in Wales. 

Public Health Wales is part of the NHS and reports to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport in the Welsh Government.

With a strong board, 1,700 staff and a budget of £106 million, the organisation employs most of the specialist public health resource in Wales.

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