Creative services for print and digital clients

Creative services for print and digital clients

CDS marketing agency

Creative, engaging and compelling

If you need to engage, persuade, inspire and inform your audiences with clearly written and creatively designed communications, we are here to help.

CDS has a compelling blend of content creators and editors and designers who can help you communicate more effectively across channels.

Our success results from our ability to offer a comprehensive range of creative services to help our customers get the right content to the right contact in the right context.

Portfolio of some of our work (PDF)

Why doing the right thing is the right thing to do

Inclusive design

Design for the young and you exclude the old - design for the old and you include everybody...

For us, inclusive communication means helping to ensure an organisation’s services, products and information are accessible and available to all users, regardless of ability, language, age, or location.

Good design has the power to make sure no person is left behind.

Accessible and inclusive design is the key to creating better connections, engaging audiences and inspiring action.

Our work

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In an omnichannel world, content is more important than ever.

Whilst best practice varies from channel-to-channel, consistently good content and appropriate tone of voice is at the heart of delivering a consistent user experience.

What you say and how you say it has a significant impact on audience engagement. Good content helps to inform, persuade and influence customers – and it also forms a critical element of your brand identity.

Our content specialisms

We generate content for a vast array of target audiences. 

We ensure clarity without diluting or misrepresenting key messages. 

And, of course, we generate content for print, online and social output.

  • Editorial: Our team are experts in optimising communications for print, web and mobile consumption.
  • Technical authoring: Comprehensive documentation that is accurate, complete, unambiguous, clear and concise.
  • Journalism: Persuasive, engaging and informative copy for magazines, newspapers and reports.
  • EasyRead: A combination of bespoke illustrations and simple, clear words to communicate with all audiences.

This was Aberdeen’s first venture into social integration and digitally responsive thought leadership. Aberdeen benefited from great development and execution delivered by CDS.

Ray Collins, Digital Projects Manager

Aberdeen Asset Management