Sitecore customer experience management experts

Sitecore customer experience management experts

CDS marketing agency

Powerful marketing content management

The website you are currently visiting is delivered using Sitecore. So apart from it being a reference of itself, when you invite CDS to pitch for Sitecore development services, we can demonstrate how our own teams use the customer experience and marketing automation tools to full effect and drive our customer engagement.

CDS signed a strategic partnering agreement with Sitecore in 2016. We did this specifically following the launch of version 8.1 and the compelling integration of a marketing engagement toolkit with a content management platform.

CDS have certifications in house for both development services. Crucially, we are also certified for the marketing planning and management components of the Experience Platform. It is this ability to drive outcomes and train our customers on how best to use these tools which delivers the increase in performance we can achieve over and above others.

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