Digital mailroom: Delivering a paper-free office

Digital mailroom: Delivering a paper-free office

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Become paperlite with all the benefits of paperless workflow processing.

By capturing incoming mail at the point of entry into your organisation, the benefits of digitising the contents of mailpacks at this early stage are significant and include:

  • Improvement in the organisation’s efficiency
  • Removes the need to physically distribute mail
  • Enhanced compliance through audit trail
  • Improved management of time-sensitive mail
  • Reduction in the cost of handling, storing, searching, and retrieving documents
  • Allows remote workers immediate access to their mail
  • No legal or regulatory communications are missed
  • Provides consistency of mail handling across all locations


How it works

Mail is received, sorted, opened, scanned, classified and outputed into the organisation’s workflow systems, or to individual email accounts.

Through this process,  at your organisation’s location and physically distributed throughout or transported and distributed at your other locations is removed. 

By implementing the digital mailroom process, the need for mail to be received onsite and physically distributed is removed. Specific types of mail can even be fast-tracked to ensure they are processed as early in the day as possible.

We are on the CCS RM3785 framework

Our work

Working with CDS has been both constructive and professional. They are keen to work with the university and to deliver the efficiencies and services of their offering. It is a respectful relationship from both parties perspective and I look forward to continuing to work with the CDS team for the duration of this contract. I am convinced that the current shape of print services delivery will change considerably over the next few years and that CDS is the vehicle to drive that shape for us.

Barbara Goldsmith, Head of Contracts and Services

Middlesex University