Hybrid mail: Cost-effective print and mailing solutions

Hybrid mail: Cost-effective print and mailing solutions

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A cost-effective, end-to-end digital print and mailing system

When it comes to printing and posting a letter from your office, the days of jammed printers, toner running out and envelopes that won’t seal properly are over.

Simply create your letter, select CDS Print and Mail from the print menu and our solution does the rest.

Not only does it make you and your employees more productive, but it also saves you money. Hybrid mail gives an average 50% cost reduction across paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage — not to mention the increase in time saving and operational efficiency.


Hybrid mail: How it works

A user creates a letter on their own device. The electronic file is then sent to our offsite digital print centre where it is automatically printed, inserted into envelopes and mailed.

The total cost (including postage) is likely to be little more than the price of a first class stamp.

We are on the CCS RM3785 framework

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A modern, efficient and secure print and mail platform to manage personalised printed communications.

Whether it’s mailing bills, marketing material, appointment letters or other items, our digital print and enclosing facility provides a quality output at a realistic price.

With high-end mono and colour digital print equipment and sophisticated document composition tools, we can create fully tailored, personalised and individual pack contents from your variable data.

Using our automated inserting equipment, selective inserting of leaflets can add to the bespoke nature of your mailings. This can be further enhanced by personalising the leaflets, printing them online and folding them into the pack. Our creative team can even assist in the design and set-up of any artwork. 

Our work

We have found CDS to be a responsive, understanding and true partner in helping us produce a quality publication for our colleagues. Although the brief is design and print, CDS often go outside of this remit to ensure a more productive discussion regarding content; ultimately ensuring the end result is as engaging as possible.

James Powell

Lead Internal Communications Manager, YBSG