Digital transformation and strategy consulting

Digital transformation and strategy consulting

CDS marketing agency

At CDS, everything we do is grounded in research, data and fact.

Whether you need strategic support around inclusive communications and accessibility, website content and SEO, data and analytics, or marketing and campaign planning; CDS can help.

Research underpins every decision we make and helps us:

  • Gain an understanding of a business and its users
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities
  • Benchmark the wider landscape
  • Outline an appropriate strategy, approach or solution that makes sense to a brand and resonates with stakeholders

We can offer strategic help on a wide range of print and digital projects, so drop us a line to see how we can work together.

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Digital transformation strategy

We are not digital, or anything else “by default”, we are digital when it can deliver the outcome better than alternate strategies. So, when and how is digital effective?

We can begin by working with you to define your digital transformation strategy, or we can join your team at whichever stage of the journey you are on.

More often than not, we find the most effective way to deliver outcomes is to design a blended (omnichannel) approach to customer communications.

Our strategy for determining the right blend is consistent:

  • Step 1: Discovery
  • Step 2: Design
  • Step 3: Execution

So, if you have a high-level goal, and would like to consider how a CDS service design consultant can work with you on designing a service transformation roadmap, drop us a line.

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We chose CDS to undertake our brand refresh exercise due to their technical expertise and know how. With 14 disparate customer groups and the need to shift to a multi-channel approach, their research and analysis provided the evidence to underpin a successful brand refresh which is helping us to deliver against our communication objectives.

James Davenport, Senior Communications Manager

NHS Business Services Authority

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