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Digital transformation

Page: Digital transformation

Delivering user-centred, complex digital transformation solutions for your business with continuous innovation for growth.

Case study: Single Online Home Cloud Migration

A complete digital infrastructure redesign and migration from a secure data centre to the cloud. 

Article: How NHS Trusts can deliver successful digital transformation

Enabling healthcare leaders to digitise and connect services securely through the What Good Looks Like framework.

Article: Is re-platforming overlooked in digital transformation strategies?

Recognising the potential obstacles that legacy systems can present when undertaking a large-scale digital project.

Article: Technical Debt: What are the risks, and how can we manage them?

Technical debt increases risk. So how can technical debt be managed to help you make sustainable technology decisions?

Article: A review of the UK Civil Service Digital Skills report

Our review of the Civil Service Digital Skills Report offers valuable insights into public sector digital transformation challenges.

Cloud computing

Page: What is cloud computing?

Understanding the benefits of cloud computing, from cost savings to future-proofing and scalability.

Article: Umbraco Cloud now offers UK regional hosting

Umbraco websites can be created and hosted in the UK, making it easier than ever to meet data privacy requirements.

Article: What are the types of cloud computing?

Each type of cloud computing has its benefits and drawbacks, from cost and security to risk and stability.

Article: Has cloud technology caused the end of the Virtual Private Network?

With 50% of all corporate data now stored in the cloud, could this be the end for VPN technology?

Cyber security

Page: What is Zero Trust?

A suite of cloud-based security products that work together to provide a comprehensive Zero Trust solution.

Article: What is Cloudflare and how can it help organisations stay safe online?

Organisations require protected cloud applications; Cloudflare provides a secure content distribution network.

Article: Top 10 productivity improvements unlocked by Zero Trust

Cybersecurity leaders say developing a Zero Trust strategy is a top goal and presents numerous advantages.

Article: Shields Up' for families from Cloudflare

Cloudflare’s for families leverages their global network to ensure your home network is fast and secure.

Article: Multi-Factor Authentication is not a shortcut to cyber resilience

True cyber resilience means preparing for attackers to eventually find a way in.


Page: Microsoft Azure partner

CDS with Microsoft Azure can help you solve any virtualised workload, data, protection, or network traffic challenges.

Page: Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner

Improving the security, performance, and reliability of your websites, APIs, and applications.

Article: CDS becomes first EMEA Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner

CDS has secured the coveted accreditation as a Cloudflare Authorised Service Delivery Partner (ASDP).

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