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​Future-proofing your digital transformation with CDS + Umbraco: A speed-to-value-based approach​

Watch now to explore how Umbraco and implementation partner CDS can help future-proof and align your technology roadmap with your digital transformation goals.

Please go here to watch the video of the webinar.

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In this on-demand webinar, subject-matter experts from Umbraco and CDS will cover:

  • How Umbraco Cloud can simplify cloud computing and provide scalable solutions while keeping costs in check.
  • The benefits of choosing CDS + Umbraco to address business problems and pain points by applying a tried and tested process.
  • How CDS' baseline build can accelerate digital transformation.
  • The importance of starting on the right foot to ensure success and build solutions based on user and stakeholder needs.
  • The advantages of future-proofing with Umbraco Cloud or upgrading to the latest version.
  • Why Umbraco is one of the best Open Source choices for working with commercial software.
  • How Umbraco's UK Data Centre has resolved regulatory concerns.
  • How Umbraco's Open Source approach enables agile digital transformation in uncertain economic times without prohibitive license fees.

This webinar is ideal for those who:

  • Are already on an older version of Umbraco and are looking to modernise. Particularly relevant for those on Umbraco #7, which goes out of support this year.
  • Are considering modernising their current CMS by moving to Umbraco.
  • Are looking for a cloud CMS solution but need data to be stored in the UK due to regulatory concerns.
  • Are paying a hefty license fee for proprietary software and looking to reduce costs.
  • Are under pressure to accelerate their digital transformation journey and want to future-proof their existing solutions.

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