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Join us for a series of roundtables to explore best practice for enabling change that will stick.

Previous events:

  • Who can afford for digital change to fail? Especially now.
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  • Improve decision-making by finding the value in your data
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  • How can we master the art of content with effective analytical insight?
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  • Clever ways to unlock more value in your organisation's data
    In this webinar with your peers from diverse organisations, we'll explore the transformative power of quality data and how it can add value beyond increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making throughout your organisation. You'll discover how quality data can act as an amplifier to drive innovation and unlock new ways to achieve many different goals. 

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  • Future-proofing your digital transformation with CDS + Umbraco: A speed-to-value-based approach
    Explore how Umbraco and implementation partner CDS can help future-proof and align your technology roadmap with your digital transformation goals.

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  • Coming soon: Optimizely
A group of people watch a presentation from the CDS Insight team