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Digital transformation

Page: Digital transformation

Delivering user-centred, complex digital transformation solutions for your business with continuous innovation for growth.

Case study: Social Work England

Building an online portal and case management system for a new regulatory body serving over 100,000 social workers.

Article: Successful digital transformation: what’s the secret?

Adrian Odds, Marketing & Innovation Director at CDS, believes a simple focus on a few core areas could make all the difference.

Article: Unlocking Government efficiency: Automation and transformation

Addressing the digital transformation challenges in the National Audit Office report and barriers to efficiency. 

Article: Four steps to achieve 'Change at the speed of digital'

Technology is the fuel of change, and continuing this ‘change at the speed of digital’ can enhance your business.

Case study: ResilienceDirectTM

The platform is a vital resource for resilience teams in the management of major incidents, helping to save lives.

Article: Can iterative digital change help businesses mitigate risk?

Employing mechanisms to help mitigate, manage, and resolve risks can help an organisation keep running smoothly.

Article: Why now is the time to invest in innovation

From people and property to businesses and infrastructure, learn how businesses can continue to be innovative. 

Page: What is Intelligent Automation (IA) and how does it enable Digital Transformation?

IA refers to technology – powered by AI, BPM, and robotic process automation – which improves processes for organisations.


Page: What is low-code?

The benefits that low-code rapid application development can have for your organisation.

Article: Low-Code – a revolution in digital transformation

Low-code development can help tackle the challenges caused by existing systems and newly integrated systems.

Page: Low-code business process management platforms

Why low-code is ideal for BPM (business process management) platforms and the benefits it can have for your organisation.

Case management

Page: Case Management

Case management processes are tricky. A solution that streamlines this process can generate value and cost savings.

Page: Why low-code is ideal for case management

Developing your case management processes with a low-code solution will enable your business needs to grow and thrive.


Page: Appian partner

Helping organisations use low-code to speed up and simplify business and operational transformation.

Page: Panintelligence

Panintelligence combines BI with easy reporting and powerful predictive analytics in self-service dashboards.

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