A framework for marketing to the modern B2B buyer

epi webinar

In Episerver’s upcoming webinar you'll get a run through of the ins and outs of modern B2B marketing and what companies can do to acquire more relevant traffic, engage more prospects and drive more leads and opportunities. 

Many B2B companies make their prospects jump through hoops just to find basic information on their products and services. This can result in frustrating online experiences that will knock companies off the shortlist before the process has even begun. 

Register for the webinar to learn how to channel your marketing efforts towards satisfying the modern B2B buyer and:

  • Understand the buying journey of early-stage evaluators to ensure you're satisfying anonymous prospects' requirements
  • Adapt your website to help visitors easily complete their most important tasks
  • Run scalable marketing programs that will grow your pipeline in 90 days

January 31, 2019, 10 am EST/4 pm CET.

Register here for the webinar


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