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UX design

Page: Experience Insight Consultancy

Using audience insights to put the end-user experience at the centre of products and services.

Page: Why you need a Total Experience strategy

A successful TX strategy results in a seamless, delightful, empowering encounter with a brand for external and internal stakeholders.

Article: Dark patterns: When a nudge becomes a shove

How good UX design can create effective nudges that benefit both the user and the organisation.

Article: Using storyboards in UX design to enhance user experience

Explore the use of storyboarding in UX design to conceptualise, understand user needs, and map out user testing.

Article: In-page tab design for seamless user experience

Eight best practices for in-page tab design to successfully increase your site's user experience and engagement.

Article: Designing mega drop-down menus for all users

How optimising a mega menu can help your website's performance and user experience.

Case study: Northern Ireland Audit Office

Successfully meeting accessibility standards and providing cost benefits for the Northern Ireland Audit Office.

Article: Best practice filtering and sorting

Discover the benefits of best-practice filtering and sorting to meet user needs and enhance your site's journey.

Case study: Joii by Vet-AI

Delivering a comprehensive user-centred design process supported by research for Vet-AI's industry-changing app, Joii.

Case study: Wakefield Council

How user research led to a more accessible and user-friendly design for Wakefield Council's website. 

User research

Guide: Who can afford for digital change to fail?

Ensuring change starts in the right way by delivering the right engagement through an understanding of user needs.

Article: Why user research is key to Government Digital Service assessments

A deeper understanding of Government Digital Service (GDS) assessments and the vital role of user research.

Article: Preparing for Government Digital Service assessments

Tips and recommendations for preparing for a GDS assessment and ultimately creating a service that meets user needs.

Case study: EE

Demonstrating how conducting impartial and continual user research can improve the user experience.

Article: Avoiding research masters

Should you reuse research participants? Exploring the best practices and the effects they can have on findings.

Case study: National Institute for Health Research

Demonstrating how research and end-user testing helped guide the future vision for Learning for Involvement by NIHR.

Case study: Skills for Care

Evaluating a digital service to meet the Government Service Standard and Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations.

Case study: Arrow Global

Delivering research and prototype testing to improve the user experience on a renowned financial digital platform.

Article: The challenges of testing prototypes with real users

A UX researcher explains what you can do to make prototype testing successful and provides valuable insights.

Article: How to conduct a user journey walkthrough using personas

How user journey walkthroughs can help in understanding what your audience needs to deliver valuable user experiences.

Article: What is Wizard of Oz testing and how can it be used?

How the Wizard of Oz method can be used in rapid system or product development to test a system that does not yet exist.

Article: The importance of accessible user research in digital transformation

The importance of inclusive and accessible user research in digital transformation with WeAreTechWomen.

Article: Understanding the difference between UX and market research

Explore the difference between UX and market research and which to utilise to improve user engagement.

Case study: McDonald's

Providing user-experience research to help the McDonald's ordering app meet their customers needs and expectations.

Page: Participant recruitment for research at CDS

We are passionate about finding insightful people and enabling inclusive research for everyone.


Page: Optimizely Gold Partner

Our web development team has a track record of delivering complex, end-to-end digital experience projects.

Page: Umbraco Gold Partner

Our specialists can support you through your website migration and ensure smooth delivery of your Umbraco project.

Webinar: ​Future-proofing your digital transformation with CDS + Umbraco

Explore how Umbraco and CDS can help align your technology roadmap with your digital transformation goals.

Article: Optimizely launches DXP on Microsoft Azure marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide can now gain access to Optimizely's CMS, commerce, and personalisation solutions.

Article: Why Umbraco is the perfect public sector content management system

An open-source content management system (CMS) that makes accessibility easy.

Page: Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

A digital experience platform is a tool that helps organisations create, manage, deliver, and optimise content.

Inclusive communications

Article: Auditing your offline communications

How to ensure your offline communications are inclusive.

Article: Website accessibility and inclusivity communications

Creating a landscape and experience that work for all users, regardless of their digital skills or needs.

Article: Blending digital and print for inclusive communications

Print, used cleverly alongside digital media strategies, could actually prove key to greater communication inclusivity.

Page: Inclusivity

Adopting an inclusive approach means putting the needs of your audience at the heart of everything you do.

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