St George's Crypt talk about homelessness in Leeds

Homeless man

To raise awareness at CDS and kick-start our year-long charity programme, we asked our chosen corporate charity St George’s Crypt to come in to our office to talk to staff.

Cheryl Harrington, lead fundraiser from St George’s Crypt offered insights into the work and the fund-raising challenges the Crypt relies on to deliver their vital services.

John Davies, who heads their Growing Rooms Programme, spoke about how St George's Crypt supports the city's homeless and vulnerable adults to break the typical cycle of a homeless person.

He explained how this innovative charity is providing much more than a safe place to sleep and eat.

They treat the person rather than just addressing end behaviours like addiction. Their programme helps homeless people, who are ready to change, to move from rock bottom to citizens that contribute to the community and work in paid employment.

Simon Gaitley then spoke about his experiences from when he lived on the streets. And how with the Crypt's help has transformed his life, from living on the street to now living a healthy, independent life.

We thought it would be good to share some advice from St George’s Crypt. Here it is.

How close are we from being homeless?

Homelessness can affect anyone from any walk of life. We could all become homeless:

  • If we lose our job and don’t have any savings
  • If our relationship breaks up and you don’t have a support network
  • Because of poor physical or mental health
  • If someone in our family falls ill and we need to support them
  • Because of problems with drugs or alcohol

How can I help the homeless?

Say hello – have a chat – they are human too!

Do not give them money. Not everyone who is begging is homeless, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need kindness.

Let them know about St George’s Crypt, who offer emergency accommodation, hot food, showers and many other support services. Most importantly everything offered is free.

St Anne’s Resource Centre run a drop-in service during the weekdays from 8:30 to 4:30pm.

If you are worried about someone who may be sleeping rough, please contact the Street Outreach Team or Simon On The Streets.

For more information:

  • St Georges Crypt – 0113 245 9061
  • Simon on the Streets – 0113 345 2270
  • St Anne’s Resource Centre – 0113 243 1894
  • Street Outreach Team – 0113 245 9445

If you would like to make a donation visit our page here:

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