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Seven urgent challenges for property construction companies.

We can help property construction companies and consultants tackle the big seven urgent business challenges they face today.

Optimise the digital workplace

WesleyanThe challenge: to communicate and engage through digital channels with a large and remote based workforce including a significant number of mobile employees. Having the capability to collaborate, facilitate two-way communication and share information and knowledge across teams are important components of an effective digital workplace strategy.

How we can help: CDS has a wealth of experience in unlocking access to information and knowledge within organisations and improving ways to communicate across the traditional departmental boundaries. CDS is helping customers including Wesleyan Assurance and The Metropolitan Police to develop new intranet solutions that meet digital transformation challenges, whilst improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Engage customers and prospects

OfficerThe challenge: to engage your customers and prospects through your website by transitioning your site from brochure ware to a useful transactional tool that audiences engage with and want to return to.

How we can help: CDS delivers websites that engage customers, inspire action and manage online business processes. For Aberdeen Asset Management, we developed many marketing campaign websites with astounding results. By combining web, social and video communications, Aberdeen Asset Management achieved a 1000% increase in new customer visits across five countries (including the UK).

Met police screenshotAnother example is the work CDS has done with the Met Police and partners to create their new website. It could be described as London’s, if not the world’s, largest operational police station. It represents a fundamental shift from the service being a ‘website’ to being an interactive engagement tool to capture, process and complete crime reporting and engagement services.

Optimise website performance

The challenge: to drive traffic to your website and ensure you have an effective content and SEO strategy in place.

How we can help: CDS’ digital marketing team can help you develop an optimised strategy and an ongoing programme of activities that delivers results based on data driven analytics.

Ensure brand compliance and access an award-winning creative team

The challenge: to create award winning, creative campaigns and corporate marketing initiatives.

How we can help: CDS is ranked as the 6th largest design for print agency in the UK. Our award winning creative team has experience of supporting clients with their corporate marketing initiatives. Our services include brand development and implementation, creative design and layout of brochures, annual reports, exhibition materials and digital interactive publications.

CDS produce staff and customer magazines and annual reports. We have designed and produced Yorkshire Building Society’s internal magazine, It’s Mutual, and Met Police’s staff magazine, The Job, the Ministry of Defence Codex Magazine. We remain extremely proud of the role we played in providing design services for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Enhance capabilities and decision using data and analytics

Royal MailThe challenge: to help you make more informed decisions across all parts of your business.

How we can help: Our experienced data team develop reporting solutions that help you make more informed decisions across all parts of your business. We can also provide client reporting tools that are designed to report to the project sponsor on metrics and performance associated with an individual project.

CDS has recently delivered a reporting solution for Royal Mail which allows Field Operations Managers to manage the performance of their FM supply chain. The solution has delivered improved efficiencies, reduction in costs and helped mitigate business risks. The solution won recognition at the i-FM awards for the use of technology in FM.

Standardise training and reduce the cost of delivering training

EbolaThe challenge: to help reduce training costs but not lose any of the quality. E-Learning is an area of expertise which combines both technical capability and content creation skills.

How we can help: We deliver training solutions that provide distance learning for remote based staff. This offers cost efficiencies in delivering training for multi-site organisations and also standardises the training delivery.

We worked with the British Army in the fight against Ebola. CDS delivered multilingual content to geographically diverse teams and supplemented classroom based training. In recognition of this approach, we won the prestigious Gold Award at the 2015 eLearning Awards. Then in 2016, we won the MoD GEMS award in support of our Army colleagues for Digital and Technology Innovation.

Drive efficiency and cost savings on print and distribution of printed communications

The challenge: to reduce print and distribution costs whilst protecting your brand.

How we can help: In addition to digital communications, our print team can provide a wide range of print solutions as well as access to a consortium of over 170 printers. Innovative solutions such as Hybrid Mail can offer significant cost savings and help drive efficiency savings. Our web2print solutions allow users to create print ready artwork from pre-defined brand templates. This means you reduce design costs, whilst protecting your brand.

CDS and the property sector

ePIMSCDS has unrivalled experience of developing solutions for the property sector. Over the past 10 years, we have gained a wealth of experience in the sector – most notably with the Cabinet Office and the development of ePIMS, the government’s property management system.

Recognised as the largest property system of its kind, ePIMS holds over 200,000 individual holdings – equivalent to 3,922 football pitches. The system won property management system of the year at Property Week’s all-star awards in 2016.

About CDS

CDS provide business-critical communications that help our clients grow, develop and connect with their customers and staff. Our range of services across traditional and digital media, and the management of large-scale marketing, print and technology assignments allow our customers to grow and deliver a competitive advantage.

To show our experience of working as an outsourced partner, CDS was awarded Global Outsourcing Association SME of the Year 2016 (GSA).

CDS is ranked the 2nd largest technical agency in the UK (Source: eConsultancy).

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